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Easyhatch specializes in the manufacturing, sales and marketing of chicken egg incubators and various other bird incubators such as parrot, duck, quail, ostrich etc. Our mission is to make available quality incubation equipment for the African market and the world at large at affordable prices. This approach ensures state of the art technology which is easy to use is always available for our customers. Each and every incubator is subject to rigorous quality assurance checks prior to shipping be it locally manufactured or imported.

We are a BEE compliant company and aspire to grow and contribute towards a sustainable socio-economic system.

Easyhatch incubators come in a wide range of sizes and cater for all bird and poultry eggs including parrot, quail, chicken, duck and goose. Bigger bird eggs such as ostrich and emu are also part of the suite of machines. Our product range further includes egg trolleys for medium and large commercial incubators, egg candlers, setting trays and other parts and accessories for DIY enthusiasts. All Easyhatch machines are professionally built and are equipped with the latest incubation technology which has made possible the production of exceptionally power efficient machines. Easyhatch incubators come with fully automatic temperature and humidity controls and are designed to impress. They have electronic digital display unit and alarm systems that monitor set temperature and humidity. Our poultry breeding company Rugare Poultry (www.rugarepoultry.co.za) currently uses Easyhatch incubators with great success achieving hatch rates as high as 95%. We supply incubators to the following countries; South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique Zambia and Malawi. Our mission is to supply our products beyond African borders.

We welcome customers and all interested persons to visit our farm and see our equipment and the diverse range of poultry which we have and continue to produce using Easyhatch incubators. To arrange for a visit please access the contact us page, send us an e-mail indicating when you would want to visit. Alternatively you can give us a call.

Why Easyhatch?

1. Compact and robust machine

2. Fully automatic machine: Automatic temperature control; automatic humidity control; automatic water refill; automatic egg turning.

3. Automatic egg turning system tilting 45o (number of turns can be adjusted between 30 and 180 minutes )

4. Super Insulating Shell design: Double steel wall construction, 5cm thick Sandwich Panel insulated by polyurethane foam giving excellent heat preservation during power cuts (up to 6 hours)

5. Low power consumption. 2 dedicated heater elements controlled automatically. One heater element is submerged in water tray and generates the required humidity. The second heats up the air temperature.

6. 2 in 1 combination machine (Setter and Hatcher in same incubator)

7. Digital temperature and humidity display with user friendly control panel

8. Temperature control precision: 0.1 °C

9. Alarm for over & under heating

10. Window panel and Inside light eliminating the need to open the door to monitor progress.

11. Double fan system: one runs continuously circulating the heat and the second is for ventilation.

12. Hatchability – above 95%

13. Easy to clean and disinfect

14. Suitable for hatching all kinds of poultry and bird eggs

15. 100% waterproof, both inside and outside.

16. 3 Year Warranty on all parts

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