EHE-352 Automatic combination incubator

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Fully Automatic Combination Incubator

Incubator Capacity:

352 chicken eggs (Setter: 264 with Hatcher: 88)

884 quail eggs (Setter: 663 with Hatcher: 221)

3 year warranty


Type: 2 in 1 Combination Machine (Hatcher + Setter)

Model EHE-352: Fully Automatic Incubator

Incubator capacity:

352 chicken eggs (Setter: 264 with Hatcher: 88); chicks per month: 440

884 quail eggs (Setter: 663 with Hatcher: 221); chicks per month: 1105

Average running power: 140W

Monthly power consumption: 100kWh

Monthly power cost: R118.00

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 950x530x1000mm;

Weight: 52kg

Purpose: Designed for professionals

Incubator features:

Compact and robust machine

Automatic temperature control; automatic humidity control; automatic egg turning

Automatic egg turning tilting 45deg (number of turns can be adjusted between 30 to 180 minutes)

Super Insulating Shell design: Double steel wall construction, 5cm thick Sandwich Panel insulated by polyurethane foam giving excellent heat preservation during power cuts (up to 6 hours)

Low power consumption. Shell design ensures minimal heat losses hence less power required to maintain set temperatures

2 in 1 combination machine (Setter and Hatcher in same incubator)

Digital temperature and humidity display with user friendly control panel

Temperature control precision: 0.1deg. C.

Alarm for over & under heating

Window panel and Inside light eliminating the need to open the door to monitor progress.

Double fan system: one runs continuously circulating the heat in the chamber and the second is for extracting state air.

Compact and robust machine

Hatch rate - 95% and above

Easy to clean and disinfect

Suitable for hatching all kinds of poultry and bird eggs

100% waterproof, both inside and outside.

3 Year Warranty 

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