Why Easyhatch?

Customer focus and after sale support

  • Our industrial incubators are locally manufactured and come in a wide range sizes and configurations.
  • Being a local manufacturer we are able to customise the machine to give the customer exactly what they want.
  • We maintain a large inventory of spares making it possible to assist our customers timeously should they have a breakdown.
  • With over 10 years of supplying quality machines to most Southern African countries, we are confident of our product and continue to improve our service offering.
Incubator Features

  • Easyhatch incubators are compact and very robust
  • Super insulating shell design: Double steel wall construction, 5cm thick sandwich panel insulated by polyurethane foam giving excellent heat preservation during power cuts (up to 6 hours)
  • Low power consumption. 2 dedicated heater elements controlled automatically. One heater element is submerged in water tray and generates the required humidity. The second heats up the air temperature.
  • Digital temperature and humidity display with user friendly control panel
  • Temperature control precision: 0.1 °C
  • Machine is fitted with window panel and inside light for convenience when observing.
  • Double fan system: one runs continuously circulating the heat and the second for ventilation.
  • Hatchability – our customer feedback places our hatch rates as high as 98%.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect using disinfectants such as Virukill
  • Suitable for hatching all kinds of poultry and bird eggs
  • Materials used for constructing the shell are 100% waterproof meaning there is no risk of water damage.
  • 3 Year Warranty on all parts

Control Equipment

All industrial machines are fitted with fully programmable controllers which have the following:

  • Automatic temperature control and display – with LED indicators
  • Automatic humidity control and display – with LED indicators
  • Automatic ventilation control – computer controlled
  • Automatic egg turning – computer can function on automatic or manual turning mode.
  • Alarm – to signal low/high temperature and humidity

Easy computer reset by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously

Shell Design

The incubator structure (walls and doors) is made out of a 5cm thick sandwich panel which is a combination of medium density polystyrene foam and multi-coated rustproof chromadeck sheeting. The resulting structure provides the best in insulation and hence very power efficient:

  • Low power consumption as very little heat is lost from the chamber.
  • Prolonged period of time before back-up power is required in the event of a power cut.
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