he quality of both machine’s are of a high standard.I am very impressed with the accuracy of the heat and humidity inside the machine’s.

The performance of the machine are very good,i am sure that you can get a 100% hatch rate if the fertility of the eggs are at 100%.

Best of all are the friendly customer service,Eliphas and his team help where they can,if its with info about incubation or help with the operations of the machines,they do not hesitate to help.

Paulus du Randt, Vanderbijlpark

(Machines purchased: EHE4224 Trolley Incubator and EHE1056-S Dual Compartment Incubator.

"We purchased a 1232 egg incubator in 2011 which has served  us up to date. We have decided to increase the business and chose to purchase another 4 machines.  The performance and good working relationship established over the last 6 years with Easy hatch swayed our decision to purchased their 2112 egg trolley machines.

One of the main reasons we chose to go this route was because we were able to customise the machines to our specification.

Eliphas the owner listened to our requests and adapted the units to suit them.

Now we have 4 new machines that suit us down to ground and are confident we will have years of back up service because of how our first machine was looked after due his commitment.

The genuine attitude towards customer service and quality has been a pleasure to have experience with Eliphas and look forward to a long lasting relationship with Easy hatch.

Malcolm Nicholson, Queenstown (Machines purchased: EHE-1232 Standard Combination Incubator and 4 units EHE2112 Trolley Incubators

I am very happy with the quality and performance of the incubator supplied supplied by Easyhatch. I am hatching far more eggs than with my old one.

Graham Anderson, Cullinan (Machine purchased: EHE-352S Dual Compartment Incubator)

Customer Name: Willie Viljoen, Randfontein

Machine(s) Purchased: EHE-1056-S, EHE-528-S

Exotic Waterfowl Breeder

Customer Name: Hannes van Zyl, Bloemfontein

Machine(s) Purchased: EHE-528

Chicken Breeder

Customer Name: Lance de Villiers, Bloemfontein

Machine(s) Purchased:EHE-528

Chicken Breeder

Customer Name: Hugo Joubert, Bloemfontein

Machine(s) Purchased: EHE-1056