• Battery (12V) powered...

    Incubator machines that are designed to work with 12V batteries. 

    These machines also are designed to run on an inexpensive solar system. The machine will run on solar during day whilst the batteries are also being charged using the sun energy. The charged battery(s) becomes the source of power during night.

  • Parrot Brooders

    Parrot Brooders are used for hatching out eggs and also to assist in the raising of chicks from the time they hatch. Easyhatch brooders have the following features:

    • Incorporate easyflow air movement which ensures even temperature throughout the machine.
    • Full panel glass window which allows full observation of the chick(s) without opening the door.
    • Extractor fan to ensure excess heat is removed from the chamber keeping the temperature to set levels.
    • Option for humidity control is available on all models
  • Dual Compartment...

    The fully automatic dual compartment model(smart series) comes with 2 separate compartments each fitted with own access doors (setter at the top and hatcher at the bottom)

  • Standard Combination...

    Fully automatic 2-in-1 combination incubator (hatcher and setter in the same machine). Guaranteed 3 year warranty on parts.

  • Dual Power Incubators

    Incubator machines that are designed to work with either electricity(220V) or battery (12V). 

    12V Battery setting (12 Volt batteries)

    Where there is a strong source of daylight these machines can run on full solar and at night switch to a battery source. A Solar panel(s) and a solar charger/inverter are required to complete the system. 

    Electricity setting (220v mains)

    Where there is a reliable source of electricity this setting can be used continuosly or interchangeably with the battery giving more flexibility.

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